A team of Aboriginal artists was hired to paint all of the mural designs into an 800 ft. mural in a six month time frame- two identical 400 ft. sections to cover the Rock Bay remediation site along both Government and Pembroke in downtown Victoria.

A core team was hired in the spring of 2014:

Nicole Neidhardt, Lindsay Delaronde, Keilah Lukenbill-Williams, Loreisa LePine, Anastasia Thomas, Briana Dick, Jesse Campbell, Angelica Thomas, and Dahlila Charlie

During the summer months the team was expanded to include several younger artists as well as a couple more seasoned painters to assist with the more detailed designs.

Owen Parnell, Annabelle Hill, Rudie Charlie, Jenna Lancaster, Taylor Williams, Justin Parent, and Lyle Dick joined the team in July.

Half the team membership were from the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

Behind the Scenes Photos

Photos Courtesy of Dean Kalyan

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